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Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill Cigars to Share

  • £97.00

Robusto House Review:

Romeo y Julieta – Short Churchill – Medium Flavour

Introducing one of our most popular cigars, the Romeo and Juliet - Short Churchill. This exquisite blend offers a harmonious and aromatic combination of carefully selected leaves, delivering a captivating experience. With its earthy and spicy undertones, complemented by hints of walnut and maple, this cigar is truly a delight for the senses.

This is not a shorter version of the cigar that we associate with Winston. The Romeo and Juliet - Short Churchill is a distinct variation. It boasts a wider girth than the traditional Churchill size, while being just over 2 inches or 50mm shorter. This unique format first emerged as the inaugural medium robusto-sized cigar from Cuba in 2006, and it has consistently impressed enthusiasts ever since.

With a medium flavour profile, this cigar strikes a perfect balance, allowing you to Savor its nuances without overwhelming your palate.  Prepare to indulge in 45-60 minutes of pure smoking pleasure, as this cigar unveils its rich and complex character with each draw.

 The Romeo and Juliet - Short Churchill is a testament to Cuban craftsmanship and a true gem among our collection. Its medium flavour, impeccable construction, and compact size make it an ideal choice for aficionados seeking a memorable smoking session.

LENGTH: 4 ⅞ Inches / 124mm
SMOKING TIME: 45-60 Minutes

Package:  X 3 Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill Cigars