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Cohiba Robusto Cigar

  • £80.00

Robusto House Review:

Cohiba - Robusto Cigar - Medium Flavour

A classic within the Cohiba range is the Robusto. Uniquely amongst Habanos, the leaves undergo meticulous selection and aging for a minimum of two years, ensuring the highest quality. Up to three of Cohiba’s filler leaves, the seco, ligero and the rare medio tiempo, undergo an additional fermentation in barrels. This unique process produces a special aroma and flavour you will only find in a Cohiba.

Upon lighting, the smoke embraces a richness and depth of flavour, capturing the intricate complexity of the brand's unique aroma. The familiar grassy notes, combined with robust, earthy roasted aromas, create an unparalleled smoking experience. 

FLAVOUR: Medium to Full Flavour
LENGTH: 4 ⅞ Inches /124mm
SMOKING TIME: 30-40  Minutes

Suggested Drink Pairings :  Cuba Libre,  LBV Port,  Islay Whisky.