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Delightful Vintage Tobacco/Trinket Jar

  • £20.00

Introducing our Delightful Vintage Tobacco/Trinket Jar – with plenty of charm and rustic allure

The exterior of the jar boasts a rustic appearance, with a distinctive touch of old-world charm. The lid and edge bindings are made from leather, Turn the jar upside down, and you'll discover a leather bottom, completing the vintage look.

The barrel is adorned with a captivating fabric featuring a picturesque scene. On the main front, two elegantly dressed ladies take centre stage, while the back showcases a charming tableau of ladies and gentlemen leisurely enjoying their surroundings and the backdrop is painted with horse-drawn carriages.

Open the jar to reveal the inner lining, crafted from wood in the barrel, and cork on the back of the lid.

As a testament to its rich history, this jar proudly bears signs of wear, each mark telling a story and adding character to its already unique personality.

A truly captivating piece that brings the essence of a bygone era into your home.

Condition:   used with signs of wear,  before purchasing, please refer to the images for exact condition of the item.