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H Upmann Magnum 54 Cigar

  • £37.00

Robusto House Review:

H Upmann - Magnum 54 - Medium Flavour

I have become a big fan of the H Upmann brand. This lighter blend gives a smooth flavoursome smoke without knocking you off your feet, and I always find that a larger ring gauge seems to drop the strength of a cigar down a notch.

This is one of the shortest, widest Cuban cigars manufactured to date. I know of some of our customers who routinely keep H Upmann cigars for a decade before they smoke them, and they assure me that they become even smoother with age.

For a cigar that is slightly stronger, the medium Trinidad Vigia is a great alternative, same ring gauge and just a tiny bit shorter.

FLAVOUR:  Medium
LENGTH: 4¾ Inches / 120mm
SMOKING TIME: 45 - 60 Minutes