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Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Cigar

  • £32.00

Robusto House Review:

Hoyo de Monterrey – Epicure No.2 – Light Flavour

Awarded 93 Points - Cigar Aficionado 2023

Start here if you would like to try a robusto size cigar.

This is such a pleasure to smoke if you are new to Cuban cigars and wish to expand your experience of larger formats.

We always know that a customer understands Cuban brands when they ask for a Hoyo. They have discovered the pleasure of a light flavour cigar that is approachable after breakfast. Especially if breakfast was served at around 10.30am on your hotel terrace with the sunshine lapping your bare feet on the cool tiled floor. 

Suggested drink pairings :  Blonde Beer, Champagne, Lowland Whisky.

LENGTH:  4 ⅞ Inches / 124mm
SMOKING TIME:  30 - 40 Minutes