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La Aurora Principes Blond (Vanilla) Flavoured Chico - Pack of 5 Cigars

  • £25.50

The Tabacalera La Aurora factory manufactures the La Aurora Cigars Principes Chico, which is one of the oldest and most established cigar factories in the Dominican Republic. They have been expertly blending and rolling cigars since 1903, with unmatched expertise.

The Principes Chico Vanilla Flavour Cigars are a remarkably good value cigar, produced by machine rolling the surplus trimmings of La Auroras premium cigars with mild Dominican leaf, a tasty Cameroon wrapper, and a rich vanilla flavour.

Principes Chico are pre-cut and foil-wrapped, so they do not require special storage conditions or preparation.

FLAVOUR: Mild to Medium
LENGTH: 4½ Inches / 115mm
SMOKING TIME: 20 Minutes