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Mild Moments cigar selection

  • £64.00

Enjoy the smooth and subtle flavours of some of the finest mild cigars in the world with this curated selection. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, this selection offers a harmonious blend of smoothness and subtle complexity that caters to diverse palates. This selection includes:

 Joya de Nicaragua Clasico Seleccion B Cigar:

Immerse yourself in the exquisite craftsmanship of the Joya de Nicaragua Clasico Seleccion B. This premium cigar, crafted with the finest Nicaraguan tobacco, delivers a uniquely mild smoking experience. The lighter and smoother blend of this cigar reveals delightful woody and creamy notes, creating a perfectly balanced flavour profile. A favourite in Europe and an excellent introductory choice for those new to handmade delights.

 Por Larrañaga Petit Corona Cigar:

Experience the rich legacy of Por Larrañaga, the oldest Cuban cigar brand since 1834. The Petit Corona, a testament to their history, surprises with its uncharacteristic sweetness reminiscent of honey, complemented by brown toast, earthy undertones, and a hint of cedar. This small yet distinctive smoke is a journey through time, showcasing the brand's commitment to consistency and quality.

VegaFina Robusto Tubed Cigar:

Elevate your smoking experience with the VegaFina Robusto Cigar, a true connoisseur's smoke. Boasting a luxurious Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, this light to medium-bodied cigar offers a golden-brown hue and a mild taste profile. Hand-rolled at the renowned Tabacalera de Garcia factory, VegaFina has become a bestselling brand worldwide since its launch in 1998. Perfectly suited for those who appreciate the artistry behind every puff.

Philippe de Castaigne Cognac VSOP (50ml): 

Complement your cigars with the rich and balanced flavour of this VSOP Cognac. Aged for at least 4 years in oak barrels, it boasts a smooth and velvety texture, offering notes of vanilla, walnut, and hazelnut with a spicy finish. The long, satisfying finish leaves a warm and lingering sensation on the palate.

Whether you're treating yourself or seeking the perfect gift for the special aficionado in your life, the Mild Moments cigar collection promises an exceptional journey into the world of fine cigars. Enjoy the sophistication and subtlety of these meticulously selected blends, each crafted to provide a memorable and pleasurable smoking experience.