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Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro Figurado Cigar

  • £40.00

Cigar aficionado Rating: 92

These box-pressed cigars offer a mild and creamy profile with subtle hints of sweetness. As the smoking experience progresses, notes of coffee and earth emerge, accompanied by a delicate touch of bitterness. They are flavourful and multi layerd, each puff unveils a multitude of flavours, creating a truly captivating and complex sensory journey. 

The Serie V Melanio Maduro represents the latest addition to the highly acclaimed Serie V Melanio line. Crafted with a blend of Nicaraguan Habano tobacco cultivated in the Jalapa region, these cigars are expertly wrapped in a Mexican Maduro leaf sourced from the bountiful San Andrés Valley.

These cigars are sure to satisfy the highest expectations of Maduro cigar smokers. 

ORIGIN: Nicaragua
LENGTH: 6 ½ Inches / 166
SMOKING TIME : 90 mins