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Partagas Serie P No.2 – Serie Sevilla Jar

  • £980.00

The Partagas Serie Sevilla Serie P No. 2 jar is a limited edition of carefully aged Habanos cigars, introduced to the Spanish market and presented in English crockery jugs.

This fourth edition of the Sevilla series consists of 2'000 numbered pieces. Each jar contains 21 Habanos Partagás Series P No. 2 cigars aged for a minimum of 5 years in the best possible conditions. With ageing, the layers become darker and silkier, the taste settles and the aroma, strength and body are reduced.

The jars, made of English clay by La Cartuja de Sevilla, are a replica of those made by the same company in the middle of the last century for the Partagás and Ramón Allones brand,which are currently authentic museum pieces.

Partagas Cigars are widely regarded as one of the best tobacco brands in the world, and are recognised for their full-bodied flavours and complex aromas. They are amongst the oldest brands in the Cuban cigar world and have established a reputable reputation producing quality cigars.