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Plasencia Alma Fuerte Hexagonal Sixto II Cigar

  • £36.00

Plasencia Cigars Since 1865 Plasencia have been mastering the art of tobacco growing and cigar craftsmanship. From the rich fields of Cub to the sun blessed soil of Nicaragua and Honduras. For 5 generations, the finest tabaquero tradition has been rolled into every cigar that bears their name.

Plasencia Alma Fuerte The Alma Fuerte is a unique blend of their best aged tobaccos grown in the highest quality soils that accentuates their bold and vibrant flavours. Each leaf is aged over a 10 year aging process to bring out the natural sugars and developing the complex flavours.

Sixto II The Sixto II is a 6 x 60 Hexagonal box pressed cigar made with a Colorado Claro wrapper. The hexagonal shape creates a distinctive taste and tempered body giving a complex smoke with a perfect balance of flavours including coffee, liquorice and leather and bursts of citrus in the final notes.

Product Information:

FLAVOUR: Full Flavour
LENGTH:  6 Inches / 152mm
SMOKING TIME: 90-120 mins