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Romeo y Julieta Churchill Tubed Cigar

  • £51.00

Robusto House Review:

Romeo y Julieta – Churchill – Medium Flavour

A tribute to Sir Winston Churchill, who famously favoured this esteemed brand during his post-war visit to Cuba. Available in its original size and other variations such as petit, short, and wide, each offering a similar delightful taste experience.

The Churchill embodies the essence of Romeo y Julieta, delivering a full-flavoured journey enriched with outstanding burning characteristics, intricate flavours, a smooth draw, and subtle sweetness. With a gauge of 47 and a length of 7" (178mm), it presents a generous smoking experience.

For optimal enjoyment, it is recommended to allow this cigar to age for a minimum of three years, enhancing its complexity and depth.

Renowned for its imposing yet refined size, the Churchill rewards smokers with a harmonious blend of selected filler and binder leaves from the prestigious Vuelta Abajo region, resulting in a classic medium-bodied Havana cigar with a balanced and aromatic profile with notes of cedar, spice, and subtle sweetness.

Encased in an aluminium tube lined with cedar, these cigars are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. The cedar lining aids in maintaining the cigar’s freshness for up to a year without the need for a humidor, ensuring it is ready for those significant moments that warrant such a high-quality cigar.

These cigars also make perfect gifts as they dont require immediate consumption.

LENGTH: 7 Inches / 178mm
SMOKING TIME: 75 -90 Minutes

Suggested Pairings :  Blinde Beer, Champaign, Cognac