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Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill Cigar

  • £40.50

Robusto House Review:

Romeo y Julieta – Wide Churchill – Medium Flavour

It’s not a long cigar at 5 ¼ inches / 130mm but it’s very wide!

The huge benefit of this wide ring gauge is the effortless way that you can draw the smooth blend of Romeo y Julieta cigar smoke through the wonderful air channels of this substantial cigar. It may be big but it’s an approachable medium flavour that isn’t overbearing even if the ring gauge is portly.

The Sopranos score: 3 out of 5. But only because gangsters always have a long cigar. Allegedly.


Pair with :  Rose Champagne, Cognac, Speyside Whisky

LENGTH: 5 ¼ Inches / 130mm
SMOKING TIME: 45-50 Minutes