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Vegas Robaina Unicos Cigar

  • £37.00

Robusto House Review:

Vegas Robaina - Unico - Medium to Full Flavour

If I had to choose a piramides or pyramid shaped cigar to enjoy after an evening meal it would be the Vegas Robaina Unicos.

It’s a relatively very new brand, launched in 1997, but with a family history of Cuban tobacco growing that goes back over 170 years.

The strength in this great cigar is perfect if you want a fuller and more complex taste. It is suggested that the flavours are ‘traditional Cuban’. I love this cigar format and it really suits this flavoursome Cuban brand.

The Sopranos score: a knowledgeable and self-assured 4 out of 5

FLAVOUR: Medium to Full
LENGTH: 6 ⅛ Inches / 156mm
SMOKING TIME: 45 - 60 Minutes